Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dining Chairs

antiques and furniture emporium
go with a list otherwise you could leave with a 6ft church pew, a 7ft blackboard, a typewriter, an old childs school desk (which I nearly did!!)the options really are endless!
I got two of my kitchen chairs sorted - all care of Mr Bird!
Two bentwood chairs..happy days and two dining chairs from my mum (Which have all been painted)!! The joke in my house at the moment is if you stay still long enough you might get a lick of paint or moved to a new place! Some say constant moving of furniture in your house is a sign of unhappiness or unsettlement..I scoff at that and say it is a sign of a creative mind!!

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  1. found you from flourish design+style, love the mix and match chairs!


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