Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NYC Florist

Last time I was in NYC I happened to come across this florist situated upper west side in a beautiful brownstone building.
It obviously made an impression on me as this was three years ago!
I told the owner that I was visiting the city(ie I wouldnt be buying flowers!) and would he mind me having a look around as I simply love a good florist shop...he said in his best Manhattan accent "Sure, enjoy it!!"

It was elegant and sophisticated - the fridges were even impressive which were built in with wood surrounds! The florists ( 3 work areas and a back room) used vintage cream painted kitchen tables to prepare their work. The shop was stocked with beautiful hand tie bouquets with an abundance of calla lillies, hydrangea, roses and hyacinths..click on link to view the simplicity and elegance of the hand tie bouquets in glass vases.

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