Thursday, April 29, 2010

Before and after..

Design sponge blog .. check out this room which they have posted with before and after shots! I love the armoire and the green interior, the stripped ceiling, the turquoise chair and lamps, the chandelier, the yellow door, the ceiling rose, and loving the pink blanket in the wire basket..I do love my pops of PINK.. It would be easier to say I LOVE IT ALL!!
(except I can't ..I am not liking the carpet! I know how fussy am I? In fairness this room was done on a budget. It is not a styled room for a photo shoot. It is a real room!! I am annoyed even thinking it but ..I would "LOVE IT ALL" if the floor was painted but I will settle for 98% ).
photos by Dawn Shields


  1. the striped ceiling is killer. i may implement that into my bedroom!

  2. Its definitely wow factor!.. I am going to pop over to your blog now!!

  3. There are some seriously wicked things in that room. Wow. xx

  4. Great room but . . . is this for a baby?? I'm not into twee but seriously??


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