Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cafe au Lait

Myself and my pal have started a (nearly every) Wednesday club - (this is not an exclusive club or private club - we are open to members!!) Coffee and somewhere nice to shop!?! She has brought me to some lovely places so the pressure is on!!
I was thinking Paris but it does seem slightly extreme seeing as we live in DUBLIN..but that is just my competitive side coming out and a girl can but dream!!
I am thinking Anderson's Creperie in Drumcondra but I dont know of any nice house shops in the area..


I am thinking Camden Street (bit awkward for a mid morning cafe au lait as city traffic to contend with but if needs must we could drive in the bus lane to get back for school collections!!!)

We could take in Christy Bird's Furniture Emporium and Camden Street has such a great vibe and plenty of coffee shops..
coffee in a paper cup and we could stay in Christy Bird's for the morning talking in those high pitched excited voices (you know the ones, well they are not just limited to shoe and handbag shopping!!)

"..... oh look at that!"

"....over here..quick!!"

".... Come here and LOOK at this!"

"....Oh My God!"

"....Can you believe this..?!!"

and then finally we both would be contemplating about it and say simultaneously

"Who can we get to collect the kids from school?!!!" (at least I am honest!!)

images - thecupboardmousefile.wordpress, andersons creperie

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