Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clock plate-tastic!

The Red Bungalow
I love Etsy and this shop is pretty darn (yarn pardon the pun!!)cool!
I love this clock ( I do have a fondness for vintage chinaware)

Newish to this blogging thing I am and this lovely lady is a follower of my blog! I was too busy reading her blog posts that I didnt notice she had a ETSY shop (lots of talents apparently and now I find she is a clockmaker and she can knit too!!?!!) ..sounds very like my lovely friend Niamh who introduced me to blogging(she has endless talents too..can knit, makes amazing cakes and a great interior designer plus most importantly a very very nice lady and friend!!) Anyway lovely lady at the Red Bungalow nice to meet you in this blogging world!! (your not related to an Irish girl called Niamh by any chance??!!!)


  1. That is a great clock! Just had a look at shop, love the knitted ottoman!

  2. Love that clock. Love clocks full stop but that's fantastic. Old china and a clock. Shop rocks too. Short sentances. Tired.

  3. lol. Thank you what a pleasant surprise! I'm so glad that you love my little shop; I suppose I'm not very good at mentioning it on my blog (I should probably add "My Etsy" on the sidebar eventually). I'm a new etsy shop owner, I've only had it up and running since March, so this definitely means a lot.

    Thanks again for the shout out!

    Bre @


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