Friday, April 23, 2010

Coriander Girl

I do love to wander around a good florist shop. Fortunately I have a lovely florist locally Jungle FlowersI came across this florist today ... Coriander Girl

I love the outside, the inside, the big blackboard ( I do like my blackboards!!), the painted table, the shelving and yes I even love the sink!!! If it was my shop I would have a big chandelier hanging over the painted table!!

I love the rustic, country, simple, elegant style and I like her flower choice. Carnations and limonium have in fairness been overused badly by so many lazy florists and cheapskates when in fact they are delicate and beautiful more praise goes to Coriander Girl for that!! You rock coriander girl!!

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  1. Your blog is just beautiful! Thank you so much for writing such a lovely post about my shop. I'm amazed that you found me all the way over there. Best of luck to you with your dream. Your blog is so perfectly pretty, your shop would be too. I love your idea of a chandelier over the painted table. Thanks for the idea! Alison : >


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