Friday, April 2, 2010

For Emma

These two photos are very similar but which do you prefer?

  • A more relaxed flower style photo 1
  • more structured style photo 2

click on this link and on right hand side of page click the colours for inspiration..
you are sure to find something you like..

Things to think about..

  • An all white or cream scheme

  • accents of blue

  • blue flowers

  • pink

  • yellow

  • orange..???!!..

  • colour list goes on..

  • What is your favourite flower? Is it in season?

  • Are you more traditionalist or contemporary when it comes to your wedding style?

  • Consider style of dresses being worn, suits, venue and invites have great ideas and click on the colour link. Check out their blog too for inspiration

Its all very easy so dont get frazzled .. pick photos you like and dont like and it will all become very clear what will suit your wedding day..
Have fun!!!!

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