Friday, April 16, 2010

Armchair Gardening

If only...

I have the top 2 images cut from a glossy many moons ago of Christina Strutt's country garden (before this web thing took off!!) and I have always liked these photos. Many reasons - calming, relaxed style, florals, its sunny in the photo and Christina has a jack russell (not in photos!!) just like I do!!.

Now for a spot of realism

The fact that 6 out of the 7 photos in this post have seating and even a bed is a slightly worrying sign!! They are slightly rustic so I hope that is an indicator that I actually do some work in my garden but
it is coming clear to me that my style of gardening is obviously armchair gardening!!

Bench seating!!Deckchair!!!


no official seating but I am sure I could manage to sit on the wood pallet!!??

christina strutt's garden /Cabbage and Roses owner image from
photo james baigrie photography
photo homes and garden magazine
photo david giles photography

photo country living magazine
blog source brabournefarmblog

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