Thursday, April 29, 2010

New York New York!!

I do love a white sofa. This is what I think when I see these sofas..SATC fans do you remember this....
Harry Goldenblatt: Oh I get it.. we have an ass-white couch situation here

"Sex and The City "- A woman's right to shoes (2003)
Season 6 epidsode 9
Do you remember this episode?!

That's what my first thought is when I look at these photos ..but NYC is at the forefront of my mind as my best buddy is in NYC as I am writing this and she is texting me from the bag department in Century 21!! With a dilemma..(my heart bleeds!...)

Text from C: Help .. I am in Centry 21 holding a black buttery leather bag with gold chain and leather long strap and a shorter leather one, closes with big flap over. Reduced from $550 to $230 it amazing dont know if I can say goodbye??

Text from me: Buy it!!!
Text from C: I have examined the bag and their is a flaw so I said goodbye to it. I must be getting sensible in my o&D age!!

Text from me: Dont want to burst your bubble about how sensible you are..I would like to point out that it is only Day One!!

She retorts with
TEXT from C: Oh NO day one was sunglasses, a top and shoes!!!
(she arrived yesterday afternoon NY local time 3.30pm!!!)
Dedicated To the Two 'C''s in NYC
Happy Shopping Girls
some images courtesy of Brabournefarm blog
photo Lavender Grove Beachstudios
photo Mark Ericksson
photo Pond Cottage Beachstudios
photo country living
photo Laurence Pasquier and Sarah Kaye
photo new line cinema

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