Friday, April 30, 2010

Pit stop..

A trip away to County Clare would not be the same as all my friends know if I didnt stop in Avoca.. Avoca for a cup of tea and a wander(and some takeaway rocky roads for later of course!!). I am loving this dress and the jacket below (it even has a hood)and the handbag totally rocks..what am I doing I must dash I have to pack!!

Hope your weekend is full of laughter xx


  1. Hello there, you left a lovely note on my blog so I thought I would pop over any say hello! I too am a HUGE Avoca fan and we now have a shop in belfast that I can't stay out of. I could seriously buy every darn thing in the shop, its that pretty. :) Totally love your blog, will be back again soon to read some more loveliness. xo

  2. Avoca is probably my favorite place in the world. When we moved to the East Coast of the US I was so thrilled to find that they had a store in Baltimore. Sadly not very big and not nearly as good, but I can get little doses of their lovely things!I'm so jealous you get to go to one, or many of them whenever you like :)

    PS, I WANT those red shoe bins. My daughter has had a pair of shiny red shoes since birth. We must always have a pair on hand. (at the moment in fact we have three pair!) Either I'm going to have to figure out how to make that bin or I'll have to haev you act as a go between for me and the shop!


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