Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spot the difference

The Peonies I bought last week and some buds are only just opening ?! The point I am making my friends is......

Peonies rock!!

I obviously have waaayyy too much time on my hands and I am seriously avoiding doing any work!....
Question: Can you Spot the Difference?
(by the way ignore the slightly different camera angle ...a girl can but try!!)

answer : it is the draught excluder but this little beauty has never excluded a draught in his life. Tut!..He is way to nice for draughts!!

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  1. I love peonies! I planted a ton this year and can't wait for them to bloom! I love your blog by the way! Where in Dublin do you live? We lived in Rathgar for two years when our son was little and I miss it terribly! Ok, I'm off ot pick some peonies from my neighbor's yard (with permission of course!)


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