Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flowering Onion..

..I just love the allium. I have 2 (yes 2 not a typo!) in my garden and I am delighted with myself. Note to self - plant more next year though! I really am liking purple flowers at the moment and am delighted with my wallflowers too..

My 2 humble alliums ...

..I like my Wallflowers too!!

photo sources1-2 housetohome and 3-4 my own urbanstems

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  1. I only have one allium, you're one up on me! Wonder where the rest of my bulbs went?

    You're so sweet to have mentioned Denise from LittlePheasant and me on your blog.

    I promise i will post more flower pics soon but i can't seem to get out of the garden.

    xoxo Jane


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