Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Molly's new bed

'Molly'..in her new bed!!
Cath Kidston Outlet store Kildare
Only read on if you love or appreciate PETS !!!
I was asked recently
Carol: do you have any pets?
Me: yup a Jack Russell 'Molly' and she is nearly 15yrs old.
Carol: how is she doing?
Carol:WOW.. is she in good health then.?
Me:Mmmmmm.. she is eplieptic, 90% deaf and has a little limp...(denial did spring to my mind!)
.. Molly still does a hop skip and a jump when you take the lead out
(she regrets it then about 20seconds later mind you!)
..still loves to be rubbed (very gently)
..Molly is still a great guard dog but only if she sees trouble coming (remember she
is deaf!!??!!)
..Molly still loves going to the beach!! (How do I know.. she can still
wag her tail!!)
..Molly still loves to get a sneaky bit of dinner from your dinner
That is why I said she is GREAT!!!

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