Monday, June 14, 2010

Bee Free...

...a lovely etsy ireland find at Beefreekidsclothing.
My pal is the lovely talented lady behind this new etsy shop and what a talented lady too. Archaeologist, stilt walker, sewer, knitter ah sure she can probably cook and cut hair too!! Check out her beautiful muse which brings me right back to our days of wellies and tutus! My baby girl is 11 this weekend and sadly has outgrown this phase but with each year comes a lovely new phase...

..I have to say I think the dresses are perfect for a special gift
and maybe more importantly are just perfect to go with fairy wings, tutus and wellies!


  1. Clothing for little girls is so darling. I loved shopping for my nieces until they turned 10. Then all I could find was little hooker clothes! These are dear!

  2. Cute! Now I just need a dress, tutu and fairy wings, and I'll be all set!

  3. So cute! My baby would be so cute in this look!

  4. so beautiful!!!
    congrats from spain

  5. That, right there, describes my daughter to a T. Beautiful. And Happy 11th to yours!

  6. Gillian, you came up in chats when I was talking to Caoimhe about her shop (in the pub but sure that is so Irish and you lived here so you know how we work!) Told her to look up your blog up cos I know she would love it!


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