Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In my garden today..

...I found strawberries !!
I would like to state for the record I am a very laid back working gardener in progress and don't be under any illusions stuff just seems to like to grow in our bijou plot (inc weeds!!). I love flowers and designing with them and this has lead to a very obvious transition towards gardening. I have to admit I was an 'instant hit' gardener by frequenting my local garden centre but now I am happy to take cuttings, seedlings and grow from seed and there are not 'as many' instant hits. Don't get me wrong I still love the GC for the wander, the ideas and maybe the odd latte!!
Hydrangea - Hot Pink getting ready to bloom woohoo!
Pink flowers - the geranium family
Veronica Flower
Purple Scabiousa

photo source my own urbanstems


  1. You're in deep trouble now. Gardening is a disease, easily caught and not easily cured. In fact, most of us struggle with it for the rest of our lives! Lovely photos. Am so jealous that with your cooler climate you are just beginning to have blooms that have long since finished in my much warmer garden. Enjoy!!

  2. How beautiful it all looks. Nice photos too. I'm with Webb on the gardening disease. You'll never have any free time or clean nails again.

  3. So lovely! Great job, these look oh so yummy!

  4. It is so satisfying isn't it!? I'm a newbie sorta gardener, and love seeing plants flourish! xx


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