Sunday, June 20, 2010

London baby.. to Mount Pleasant, NW10 London please sir!!

the mirror, the floor, the chesterfield and the stove!

the pops of colour

the florals, the art, the light, the chandelier
and the overal vibe of
Relaxed Elegance
the wallpaper and hey another chesterfield!
I love the vintage patchwork wallpaper. I have a cut out of it from a magazine and sigh... it is just so nice to see the whole house and now I LOVE the rest of the house as much as the patchwork wallpaper!!!


  1. The patchwork wallpaper is fantastic. I love that you are such a prolific blogger and keep my eyes open.

  2. That wallpaper is fantastic! The more I see white floors, the more I want them... would it be a crime to paint beautiful jarrah floorboards?

  3. Love it all!! So relaxing and still interesting... Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say hello! So glad to have found yours...


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