Saturday, July 17, 2010

Easy elegance..

..with just a hint of sparkle

photo source weheartit


  1. Okay, flower lady, what's your favorite white hydrangea...snowball or Annabelle? I need some help. Lovely picture.

  2. Annabelle all the way!
    Remember Im Irish so you can have the quick answer or the long one!!LOL

    Short story - if you want snow white flowers go for Annabelle.

    Short story made long...
    The Annabelle is a hydrangea. The snowball is from the viburnum family.

    Annabelle If you want 'snow white' blooms - starts green, turns to SNOW white and finishes green. Amazing for cutting and for having summer blooms.

    The 'snowball' looks like a hydrangea but is a viburnum shrub - viburnum opulus or'the guelder rose'. It is gorgeous and its more a woody shrub. It produces a greeney/white bloom and blooms late spring.(over here anyway?!)

  3. What lovely hydrangeas!
    You seem to know a lot about hydrangeas. I have a question: I bought some (cut) pale green with violet hydrangeas once, do you know what those are called? I've only seen them that one time, the florist even said she'd never seen either.

  4. I love hydrangeas but it is limited info no degree!! I have actually bought green hydrangea myself over here direct from the market - In my flower book it says HYDRANGEA macrophylla 'AB Green Shadow'. I have a light pink hydrangea in my garden and the blooms are a beautiful lime/light green colour before changing pink??!!

  5. Ahh, still know way more than I do :)


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