Thursday, July 22, 2010

Girls night in...

..we watch the movies that the boys won't watch.
This weeks it was Valentine's Day extras were flowers & eye candy.
I would love a shop that sells flowers, coffee, cakes, and home accessories.. Eh cakes, coffees and flowers for sale - I knew it was an educational movie!!
Next bonus ..
This wont spoil the movie if you haven't seen it yet..
this is just a sneak peek of some of the eye candy!

photos from Valentines Day


  1. I'm gonna rent it tonight! My husband is working late....and I need a little eye candy like that! You know, in Atlanta, there is a general store called "Belly" that sells baked goods, flowers, and home decor--right up your alley. Happy Friday sweetie! Julie

  2. Hi Sinead, I'm loving your blog - a girl after my own heart ;) I would also LOOOOOVE a quaint little shop like that....ahhh a girl can dream! x


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