Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flower fix..

Carnations and chrysants
I challenge you to use them and you will not be disappointed.
I know some people are shuddering at the thought.
Pink carnations - but I havent used any other flower and there is not a sign of any gyp! They really are pretty and look so delicate.
Perfect for brighenting up a little nook or cranny in your house.
I also cut some of the flower heads and placed them in water in an ikea glimma tealight glass holder...
a very pretty addition to my guest w.c.
This time a hint of pink (even lilac maybe?)
5 chrysants in one of my many favourite containers. I love this container as it was a present from my other half. The vase is frosted so it is just perfect for these chyrsants because god knows they have not been blessed with great stems. I should get minium 10 days from these babies!

photos my own urbanstems

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  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL! I love them! I am so needing some fresh flowers now!



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