Friday, July 23, 2010

A restless night..

...brought on by a shopping trip yesterday to TK Maxx.

...basically I walked away from a teal blue lamp but fret not I returned early this morning and purchased it - Phew!
As luck would have it I found my pop of yellow which I have been searching for since I saw this photo of Twig Huctchinson's work! I learnt my lesson and did not walk away from the vase plus I do want to sleep tonight!!! I cut a
stem from the hot pink hydrangea in my garden and folks I am one happy camper! Drum roll please for ............................the teal blue lamp!
photo source twig hutchinson and my own urbanstems


  1. Love the yellow, the lamp, that wallpaper!!! And how cute that we call it TJ Maxx here?

  2. Thanks Julie. Hope you enjoy Valentine's Day! I was going to comment for you Stateside bloggers about the TJ and TK in the post but was too excited about my purchases!!

  3. Love the colour of that lamp and amazing wallpaper!

  4. wow, i never go into those stores. i may have to take a peek. very nice.


  5. Love the yellow, but really love that lamp. Gorgeous!


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