Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple but speaks volumes...

..I saw this image on Brabourne Farm's blog and it was love at first sight.

Photo source Brabourne Farm/photo by Lucinda Symonds


  1. I agree. The colors all look so pretty together on a white background sprinkled with turquoise.

    BTW, my in-laws are in your neck of the woods this week:)


  2. I love that colour combo, nice spotting! Have a great weekend :}

  3. that bowl and old pretty. If I ever feel down I just look at your blog and there are always some flowers to cheer me up. Thanks for that.

  4. Everything from Brabourne Farm is heaven.

    I would love to fall about laughing at your "hot" days in Ireland RIGHT NOW.

    May I come to visit?

  5. Flowerjane..of course! Bring your wellies and raincoat, suncream , sunhat , swimsuit and a sweatshirt. Forget packing light for a visit to Ireland..all seasons in one afternoon is very possible!!

  6. No wonder you loved it, its a delightful shot - such darling colours too. Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend! x


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