Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer clear out..

..in our kitchen presses (cupboards to all outside Ireland).

Our kitchen storage space is limited but it has grown considerably since the clean out!

It sure is astonishing how many plastic containers one thinks they need. Plus how many tins and spices well passed their sell by date you can hide in your kitchen!

I must have had a thing for tomato soup at some stage because I found 6 tins.

I have to say it does feel great to have it all tidied and put in order. Next phase is painting the walls an off white and depending on how that goes maybe in the long term some tiling. I am loving the white brick tiling going on in these kitchens.

My kettle has just boiled ....now where did I put those darn cups and teabags!!!??!!
..I wish!!

kitchen photo souce http://www.livingetc.com/
cup storage from www.heals.co.uk


  1. Loving these kitchens. And I learned something...I have never learned of kitchen presses!

  2. Oh, I wish my tea looked like that! I know it is really crammed into the pantry, because I just shoved the earl grey on top of the english breakfast and the box was sticking out a bit and I couldn't close the door. I REALLY need more storage. Love those kitchens!

  3. What great pictures! And now I must clean my kitchen!

  4. The first image is my favourite kitchen in the whole world, I have it saved into my inspiration folder. Looking forward to seeing the changes to your kitchen Sinead...

  5. I love white interiors! Love the framed cups and mugs! Love your blog, great ideas! x


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