Tuesday, July 27, 2010


...I saw this house on Vogue.com
I can actually see myself and my girlfriends in this Long Island home. Sitting on the left terrace catching the last of the day's sunshine, sipping Moet and nibbling on strawberries. This of course would be after a hard days shopping in NYC.
The owner is Jeffrey Bilhuber - I wonder does Jeff rent it out for weekends!!!??!
No harm dreaming !
For the record though I would be very happy sitting on the terrace of my parents house in the West of Ireland, sipping on prosecco and nibbling on fresh Irish strawberries (rainjackets and umbrellas on standby of course). Sure we can keep the shopping for another weekend away!
photos from Vogue.com

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  1. Certainly no harm in dreaming at all! I love it too. :)

    I could see myself hanging around there all Summer with a mint julep in hand, lol. Even though I've never actually tried a mint julep, it looks like it'd go great in that house. :)



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