Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Next book purchase..

It's ready to buy ..woo hoo!
I love her blog click here.
to check it out if you haven't already!!
I have tonnes of photos I just love and collected over the years, cut out from my hoard of magazines and now since I discovered blogging loading up my hard drive! You know the photos where it is LOVE at first sight. Well some of these photos as they appear in Selina's books, styling work and blog I am getting deja vu so it seems without me knowing I am clearly a big fan of her work for some time! I knew I had style all along!!


  1. it's a gorgeous book ... I saw it in a book store in Dub the other day but thought I'd wait and get it online :o)

  2. I will have to check this out! Thanks!


  3. Oh....on my list too. I love her style...and I bet there will be plenty of flowers for you.....Julie

  4. How funny... I just found her blog yesterday and loved it! Her book is definitely on my list.
    Have a great day,
    ~ Jo :)


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