Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here come the girls..

Bob who??! Bob the builder can you fix it Barbie can fix it too!!

Some pink ideas for Miss PP and the impending 1st birthday party. Lots of blue themed parties have gone on in this casa and now it's time for some pink!

flowers and paper pom poms

pink balloons
Easy elegant Pink ideas
Lorina Pink Lemonade

Pink and white marshmallows

White chocolate maltesers popped on cupcakes

Pink and white sprinkles on the rice krispy cakes

Rocky road bars

Foxs Party Ring Biscuits

Ham sandwiches using white bread

Jammy dodger biscuits

Pink popcorn

Kimberley Mikado biscuits

Mr Kipling French Fancies

Pink Balloons

Pink flowers
A glass of pink champers always makes everything feel better!

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