Monday, September 6, 2010

il pleut..

. sounds so much better in French!
I'm not moaning about the rain I know the rain is good for my garden

the ducks and I like ducks! I took these snaps this morning so y'all could see how

it is really grey and wet

If you need some grey inspiration I recommend this blog a perfect gray!

photo my own urbanstems
iphone John S Lens


  1. Thanks for your vote!

    You have a very lovely blog, I´m nominating it to best irish blog 2010


  2. Maintenant il pleut ici aussi. Everything sounds better in French.

    I love those pictures.

  3. Is that, perchance, a Figaro? And if so, is it yours? That is my FAVORITE car (and I'm not a car girl) Lovely pics, I wish it was rainy here, instead it's gone back to way too hot. Blah...

  4. Hey dolls thanks for all the lovely comments. Gillian the car - I wish!! It was parked opposite mine when I was doing the school run. It sure is fab! I will check it out tomorrow and see what its called!!!


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