Monday, October 4, 2010

Scandinavian day..

photo source Bolig Kira Brandt
 photo source Helt Enkelt
photo source Skona Hem
photo source Tine K Home inspiration

My hubby is just back from Norway.  I'm not jealous okay okay maybe I will need to apply some extra primer to hide the green tones in my skin!  I feel the need for some uber chic Scandinavian inspiration so these blogs are on my hit list as I love them all. 
For starters  Splendid Willow , Helt Enkelt , TineKhome ,
and Dessert
maybe I could squeeze a visit to IKEA later this evening!??


  1. I LOVE the room with the picture frame feature wall. Scandinavian design is always so chic, and yet simultaneously, so liveable.

    Just discovered your blog through Ada & Darcy and will be following from now on - would be great if you followed me too!


  2. Really beautiful. Skona hem always makes me want to live in Scandinavia; they do airy coolness so cosily!

  3. Did he bring you something fabulous? Something to up the coolness of your home zone?

    xo Jane

  4. Uber chic is right. I may be bathing in primer too. Why to the boys always get to go on the fun trips?!

  5. OH YeSSS!!! scandinavian style is all kinds of fabulous ;)

  6. So many great images here. I'm loving that wall gallery.


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