Monday, November 1, 2010

Two red shoes..

I fell in love with these adorable vintage toddlers leather red lace up shoes at the Flea yesterday.
I tried to make myself buy them but sense took over as I already have my own toddlers shoes on display.
But fear not vintage lovers ..
The cake lady bought them and they have pride of place on her wall (photo to follow) and the lovely C bought the coat stand they were on!
Yay to the flea!
photo source my own Urbanstems


  1. I think they might be red Startrite Larkin shoes. The same in navy blue were the first proper shoes I bought my eldest son (now 16) and he kicked one off in Tescos the second day he had them and I couldn't find it despite writhing around on the floor trying to get my hands underneath the freezers!! Tragic shoe moment but they are lovely!xx

  2. I hope their child owner reads your blog now and recognises them. I imagine a little girl, a tomboy, with curly hair and a blue dress trimmed in red, running downhill after her sturdy metal scooter.

  3. Those red shoes are adorable...glad they've found a wonderful home.

    Popping over to you from LisaRoys blog...following you now. :-)



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