Friday, November 5, 2010

Work your magic..

 I received purple flowers as a gift yesterday and the lovely
 Miss PP said "Work your magic on them!"

No wands required or any calls to Harry or Hermione! 
I wrapped the lavender with rafia and the hyacinths with the cutest pompom ribbon, hand tied them and popped the hyacinths in a glass cube vase and the veronicas in a ceramic jug.
I placed them under OUR framed
 Prince Album 'Around the world in a day'. 

Purple Power!

photos my own urbanstems


  1. They are beautiful! And all the better for being placed together. Your jug is lovely and a perfect shape for tall flowers, and I bet your hyacinths smell wonderful. I want some too!

  2. Oh do get some. Treat yourself. They smell divine!


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