Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas baby..

There are NEW presents under the tree.  Two closed and sealed cake boxes arrived from
 the Perfectionist Confectionist this morning that I am not allowed to look at yet.
 My birthday is approaching.
I suddenly find thirty eight sounds very young and thirty nine sounds ahem really old.
I don't understand as last year I thought thrity seven was really young and thirty eight sounded really old!

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  1. Age is but a number. Your only as young as you feel. 37,38, 39 or 40, it's all the same to me. Wishing you a lovely birthday and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    All things nice...

  2. Hope you have a lovely birthday. Love that photo, it's brilliant. Happy Birthday my hairy old pal x

  3. Love the!
    Age is just a number...I turned the dreaded "40" last year and nothing...still feel the same. I think it's a state of mind.
    Have a lovely B-Day!!!!

  4. Speaking from a newly turned 40, 30-anything sounds positively sprightly. You should sneak off and open those boxes.


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