Friday, December 31, 2010

Tea please..

..and more tea.
We had a tea party yesterday for my birthday and another tea party today
as the Perfectionist Confectionist was very, very generous with her cakes.
Lots of chats, laughter and sharing of lovely and funny memories. 

Happy New Year 
to you all my blogging friends

photo source via Rubie Green


  1. Oh yes please, tea for me too :) Lots of milk :) Wishing you a fun filled new year.

    All things nice...

  2. Fun!
    Tea parties are always great...hope you had a wonderful birthday and Happy New Year!

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. It will come to you first, let me know how the new year looks!

    xo jane

  4. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! Hope 2011 brings you a year of joy and happiness :)

  5. Happy birthday you phenomenal woman you! 2011 is going to be a great year! xo


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