Friday, January 14, 2011

Bloom it and eat it..

  My signature flower piece is a zinc pot with a posy of big headed roses.
My lovely 'cake lady' friend made this posy of roses out of cupcakes and thought of me
and then gave this beautiful creation to me!
This lady gets me.
Lots of chats, cake and the piano arrived and
an exercise bike but that's a whole other story!

photo source1 my own Urbanstems
photo 2 via The Perfectionist Confectionist


  1. The piano is beautiful. I love it. It really looks beautiful, no matter what way you look at it . . shelf or musical instrument. You go girl x

  2. LOVE! I so want a piano! I'm trying to talk the husband into it. Love the idea of painting it! I might do the same, if I can ever talk him into it....

  3. What a fabulous idea! These little cupcakes would look amazing at a desert table for a wedding. Your friend must pursue it! They are absolutely adorable.


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