Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have volunteered my sitting room for an unloved piano.
Quotes so far to this decision 
Big piano..small house!
Are you actually going to play it?!

As a serial furniture purchaser and a constant rearranger of furniture
why is everyone fretting.  I have a backup plan.
 I can paint it.  I can put photos on it. 
 I have measured and it will fit in not one but two places and there is always the shed!
I can put pretty flowers on it or a place for my cup of tea..
okay okay  
it might turn out to be a big shelf
and if that is the case it will be a very pretty shelf!


  1. It's a masterstroke. Your living room will be transformed into a salon and I shall pop round for tea in full Jane Austen gear. May we see it in situ?

  2. A lovely shelf indeed...very unique and very pretty!!

  3. Yes ladies..we shall drink tea and nibble on cucumber sandwiches and pontificate about what colour to paint this rather large piece of furniture! I shall let you see it in full glory when it is in situ ..Sinead

  4. It will look beautiful, as everything you touch does.

  5. I love the look of a painted piano. I grew up with a piano in my parents' living room (which of course I had to practice on daily after school) and they've told me I can have it when they die - honestly! That's great and everything but it's a morbid thought and I will have forgotten how to play long before I actually own it.


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