Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quelle surprise!

I love blogging and apparently IKEA!

Shannon at What's up whimsy has a great post about lockers in the kitchen.  I am liking alot 
the IKEA PS Locker and on a recent fun visit to my Scandinavian cousins (ie IKEA!) I took a photo of the PS locker to persuade the hubbi.  I have the perfect space in my (our!) kitchen but I am lacking the confidence to purchase. 

Funkyjunksisters  and Shannon have persuaded me and as a serial furniture purchaser (new ,old and even borrowed long term!) I even have
a backup plan.  Yes folks will work in our son's bedroom as he has the IKEA PS desk!

photo 1 source
photo 2 via from SFGirl
photo3 via  from Apartment therapy
Gillian's kitchen  Dried figs and wooden spools


  1. Just do It! It will look fantastic, and if you hate it you can return it. What color?

    xo jane

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out! And I am so upset! I LOVE those Ikea PS lockers, but they don't carry them in Canada. I may have to write a letter to Ikea and get them here asap. They would be perfect for my entryway!

  3. They are fabulous, grab your confidence by the scruff of its neck and go purchase!! xx

  4. I really love all of them!
    I am your newest follower.

  5. they are fabuloso - you've so gotta get them. I want them too now :)

  6. well, as the girl who lives in that last kitchen I can tell you that they are so fun to have around. All the kids in the neighborhood know which locker to go to for food (and all the grownups know which one has the drinks:) We LOVE having them. GO FOR IT!

  7. Gillian...that is hilarious that is your Kitchen!!! Ah you see we are kindred spirits. Brilliant. I am definitely getting them now! Sineadx

  8. Oh boy I am feeling the locker love here for sure ~ love it!! Yes go for it Sinead, I dont think you can go wrong with lockers
    alicia :0)

  9. Thanks Alicia. Love your lockers and style. You have such a beautiful home. Sinead x


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