Friday, February 25, 2011

Dublin Flea Market...

It is mid-term and sick children in the house. I am beginning to think I should change my name to Florence!
Cabin fever setting in (if you don't count a milk and bread run to LONDIS!) 
So taking this into consideration a trip to the florist is planned tomorrow so I can play stems with Jane and the flower ladies and a trip to the flea on Sunday.  Fingers and toes crossed!

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  1. Bugger, you got the poster up before me. Damnation, would it be reblogging if I put it up lol. You most definitely have to go on Sunday. It's my day out too. Love ya.

  2. Thank God. i just came by to check on you and I find you house ridden with sick children.

    Hope you can get out, wish i could join you at the flea.

    xo Jane

  3. I get cabin fever a lot here at the moment. It is often cold or snowy at the mo, so difficult to et out sometimes.
    I love the poster, the girl looks cool in her knee socks.
    I hope you get some bargains and make some time for you, easier said than done I know.

  4. Hope you get out and can make the flea market...that'd be enough to cheer you up in a grand way!!


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