Monday, February 28, 2011

Flower party..

    Jane  from Small but Charming is having a spring global flower party.  With a party to attend I purchased some stems from Mick and popped them into 'my new' vase.  The vase was a purchase at the flea yesterday and cost ..drum roll please a whole €1 that is 85p , $1.38 or AUD1.36! Small Buxus cuttings from my bijou plot added ribbon for charm and Primulas for perhaps mmmmmm delusions of granduer to Casa Urbanstems ???!!! Either way.. I'm ready for the party!
photo source my Own Urbanstems


  1. Great vase! So many things you can do with it... but tulips are a great way to start!

  2. You are the party!

    See I knew that was going to be a good flea market!

    Love the white primroses and the boxwood.

    xo Jane

  3. You and this party are a match made in floral heaven! Gorgeous flowers.x

  4. lovely flowers--even on your wallpaper. i wouldn't be brave enough for that pattern, so i have to admit to a touch of envy. so fun to peek inside everybody's home.

  5. Such a score at the flea -- bravo! I like the ribbon accented vessel too.

  6. love the primroses in that metal box! beautiful. cool blog too! :)

  7. Im loving the vintage too..x love to see evergreen in a simple vase


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