Monday, April 25, 2011

Flower envy..

 as I just spied peonies over at Jane's! I shall console myself with a fresh cup of tea, more chocolate and then I will check out the flower offerings at  Jane's and all the stems in your homes.   No stems in Casa Urbanstems this week as we are down West so my flower offerings are Stems West Coast Ireland style...
Self seeded Viola's on the road
(only the hardy type survive around here)
 I have a view to offer y'all too - next stop America as they say around these parts
And when you are leaving
whatever you do don't forget to close the gate..

photo source my own Urbanstems


  1. Love it! Wit is often as engaging as flowers.

    Hope you're having a lovely holiday.

    If next stop could be Virginia next week, you can probably pick a peony or two from my garden.

    xo jane

  2. Ah, violas! One of my favorites! I seem to be partial to any flower that grows of its own accord.
    xoxo kat

  3. I remember going to Cork in the 80s as a kid and being blown away by hedgerows full to bursting with wildflowers - amazing colours and shapes, please tell me it is still like that in the South West??? Looks like there are lots of little pretties in the roads near you. xx

  4. Oh - I know all about flower envy..! :-D


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