Monday, May 23, 2011

Powerful & Inspiring Words..

President Obama touched down today on Irish soil and HRH Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain visited last week.  They both addressed the Irish people with Irish words.  Powerful people speaking powerful words...

President Obama : "Is Feidir Linn! " translates to  "Yes We can!"  
Queen Elizabeth II :"A chairde" translates to  "My friends"

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  1. Was the Queen's visit a healing thing?? Bx

  2. Hi B..yes definitely it was seen as a very positive visit. Sinead x

  3. I wish the President had let me ride along, then I could have met with you and Mise. Maybe next time...

    xo jane

  4. The Queen has not been in Ireland for a very long time, right?

    I love Ireland, visited Sheen Falls in the 90´s and had a wonderful time! :-)


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