Monday, June 6, 2011

Small but 'very' charming..

 The bijou plot is not being very obliging and the florist is closed as it is a bank holiday.  
So Fake and fabulous it shall be girls ...Voila!

..three plastic stems brighten up my tweenies nightstand and make her smile every day. 
The power of stems even plastic ones.
Head to Jane and the girls for flower magic - enjoy mes amies!

photo sources my own Urbanstems 


  1. This is sweet - green and pink together is a fab combination! :-)

  2. Helloooo from across that little bit of blue - nice to see you at the party! Been missing you, how did I miss your last post??? 40s rock so far, honest! Bxx

  3. Here you are!! I left to go shopping and I hoped to find a little bit of Ireland when I returned home. Dream realized.

    Now where's that mise?

    Cute and I wouldnot have known they were "faux" as we say in the biz.

    xo Jane

  4. There's a hidden place in my heart for 'faux'.

  5. If you hadn't said anything, you could have convinced me that these are the real thing. Know your girl must enjoy them - I do!


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