Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stems and ric rac...

 Lavender, scabiosa and veronicas
(the bijou plot was obliging today).
My baby girl is turning twelve and went to the city for an afternoon of shopping for a birthday present as you do these days apparently! I can't wait for my 40th so!! On her return she produced a bag  from A.Rubanesque just for me!  My heart nearly burst with such a thoughtful gesture...
wrapped in tissue paper is the best ric rac braid in the world! (to me anway!) 

photo source my own
Ric Rac from A. Rubanesque


  1. What a wonderful girl, and so ahead of her years in appreciating lovely ric rac.

  2. Sweet. She obviously has been well raised.

    xo Jane

  3. I specifically planted lavender this year on my balcony just to harvest it and use it as cuts and then eventually dry it and make sachets. Got to love such a versatile little purple flower.


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