Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Marked..

I am not exaggerating but it was LOVE at first sight when I saw this room.
I saw it via the beauttiful blog Sanctuary which is a little treasure chest of inspiration.  This room makes me want to move my furniture and get the paint brush out! 

This room is from designer Elise Gug's home and is taken from a book called
 written by Charlotte Grøndahl and photograped by Andreas Mikkel.
Photos via Sanctuary


  1. Very fresh and lovely indeed! :-)

  2. So pretty! I love how the pictures are a mixture of framed and others just pinned up - easy peasy! :)

  3. LOVE the inspiration board! what a gorgeous room.

  4. Makes you want to curl right up and read a book!!

  5. I agree with you, it's a gorgeous room. I love the floor. I am going to check out Sanctuary now, thanks for sharing, love Linda x


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