Monday, September 26, 2011

My Flower fixes..

 ...are Small but Charming and home grown.
Jane is the hostess with the mostess and has arranged a gathering of the flower ladies.
Three shades of 'Hydrangea' glory and
Verbena popped in a glass jar
This flower gathering made me don my wellington boots and get out and snip the last of the stems.
  The bonus being I cut the grass and hoovered up the leaves with my Dad's leaf blower/sucker up machine. 
  I never knew hoovering could be so much fun.
Picture Lara Croft with a leaf blower machine and you are kinda close (ish!!!!!!!). 

photos source my own Urbanstems 


  1. Very pretty flowers - and rubber boots! :-)

  2. Kind of torn, what do I like better.....the tri colored hydrangeas or the boots.

    I'll take them both.

    So happy you've joined us.

    xo Jane

  3. Hi Lara!! Love your bottles in a row, those hydrangeas are beaut. So hoping some of this summery weather we have got today gets to you, seriously flipflop weather again - crazy!

  4. Always a good thing when our boots match our gardens:).

  5. Love the hydrangea in bottles and the wellies too! Love Linda x

  6. Those hydrangeas are so pretty - colors I have not seen before. And, I love the boots. WE need to have a boot sharing day, don't you think?

  7. Lovely, especially love the flowers on the pretty book :) x

  8. Wellies! Love them. Pretty hydrangea combo!


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