Monday, October 31, 2011

Flower fix...

Three green hydrangea heads from our wet soggy plot and the most darling sweet orange nasturtium which I popped in a glass bottle is my contribution to Flowers in the House with Jane and the girls.
Everyone that has been in the house has commented on the nasturtium. It is so sweet maybe even more so when ya know the glass bottle is a refill glass bottle from a room fragrance plug in - reduce re-use recycle in a whole new light!

Meet ya over at the usual place for more flower fixes.

 photo source my own Urbanstems


  1. I love Nasturtium, my grandmother always grew them and taught me to eat the peppery leaves, your lone one is precious.

  2. Yes, sweet little nasturtium and lovely hydrangeas. Nasturtiums are so frost sensitive that we haven't seen them in Minneapolis for some weeks now. Nice to know at least one is blooming somewhere.

  3. Always something sweet and totally unexpected from you.

    This is why you are always invited to all the best parties:)

    xo Jane

  4. Love the faded in these pics, they look lovely! :-)

  5. Huzzah for upcycled flower vessels!! xx

  6. oh, I gotta get in on the Flowers at House fun. Absolutely charming xox


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