Monday, October 3, 2011

The Folly ... where I shall reside if I get to visit the Cotswolds in England!
It sleeps 8-10 so why not have a party!
Whistle stop tour at Belinda at Wild Acre, Miss Pickering and Deborah at Fishermans Cottage. They are all relatively close (ish.) Hell we could maybe hire a bus and go to Liberty in London for the day!!!

Check out the video of 'The Folly'- I wont spoil it for you with lots of photos. I think the Dorothy room has my name on it!! Which room do you want? 

'The Folly' featured in LIVING ETC Feb 2011 and I have the image of the kitchen/diner cut out from my copy and saved in my 'special folder'.  I just simply love the vibe of the house, the colours and style.

Jo Berryman is the designer and has her own design company Mathruska. 

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  1. Heaven!! I was in The Cotswolds many years back and loved it!! :-)

  2. Ahhh,I know this house. I know this woman. Fabulous Sinead.


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