Friday, October 28, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane..

Not me..but my lovely pal is going to Sao Paulo for her baby brothers wedding for a week... with no children or her husband. It is something we all possible dream of ya know having a few hours off but a week off and the thoughts of it are filling her 'fear!'. She needs to get her party frock ready and RELAX and get into the vibe and live for the moment. 
I thought this video was perfect to get her into the airport mode..she is not too keen on flying either apparently!!

She thinks she needs a GPS so she won't get lost so with that in mind I made her practise her MEAN walk today so she won't be bothered by NO ONE! And judging by her MEAN Walk no one will be bothering her cos it is not very mean but more a ridiculous walk! If you want to read her travel log 'An Eejit Abroad' head over to her blog

Begorra and all that but....

Bon Voyage mon cheri.
photo source via Italian Vogue and Virgin 
and prints via garrendenny lane


  1. Love the first pic - that´s how I feel every time I travel..! :-D

    Enjoy this weekend! :-)


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