Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm thinking...

..please stand by!

I love BODIE AND FOU'S online store and their blog. Masking tape is my next purchase.
I have the perfect little project for the Japanese masking tape.
Tres chic mes amies..

IMAGES via Bodie and Fou. 


  1. I love their blog too!
    oh by the way, Pixie is adorable! :)

  2. mmmmmasking tape!!
    share the bodie and fou love too. xx

  3. Right , boudie and fou, right masking tape BUT the most important question of's Trixie?

    xo Jane

  4. Hey ladies..I bought the masking tape. I will keep ye posted if it works out. Pixie oh Pixie. Puppy time is hard but rewarding. My patience is being tested. Full of energy and testing us to see where she fits in our Casa! Any tips greatly appreciated. Sinead x


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