Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A makeover for two cross little birds..

 voila ..
Bit of a sceal (story) to this one..

This lamp was given to me by my late Grandfather when I got married 15 years ago.  He was in his late 80's and strolled up town and picked it just for us. How cool was he  ..shame the lamp wasn't! It has a mahogony base, the original colours were let's just say not to my style and my big issue was the birds looked more like REALLY cross pigeons than doves.
So the lamp has sat in our attic ever since!

Then I remembered this little beauty from Abigail Ahern's fab collection of animal lamps ..

So I sploshed on some white paint and the two cross birds became two birds of peace!!

I love it now!

photo 1 & 3  my own Urbanstems, photo 2 source abigailahern


  1. Looks good - I think my Mum has that exact lamp - the pink eyes always freaked me out! White is a lots better! G

  2. wow - it looks so gorgeous now xxx


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