Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who me..?!

 Ladies in my best Irish brogue accent "thanks a trillion" for thinking of Urbanstems for this award.  The Liebster Award gives recognition to blogs that bloggers think should be more well known. Well I never (blush)!

Laurie from Buttercup Bungalow all the way from Boston and Julie from Ruby Blooms thought of Urbanstems. Well girls the feeling is mutual.

Here is some Stem Love to show my gratitude..

 photo1 source my own Urbanstems
photo 2 via Pinterest from


  1. Well you know I think you rock!

    How's that puppy?

    xo Jane

  2. your blog is so sweet hon - it deserves to be shouted to the

  3. Congratulations Sinead, you deserve it. Love the blog.


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