Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Boy's room..

My buachaill (boy) is eight years old and his room is well due a makeover. I picked out images from pinterest and this is his favourite room.  He loves the map - maybe it was all the Dora shows he watched when he was younger!! 
Anyway I love it too and we shall use it for inspiration - funny how that worked out mwah mwah haaa cackle cackle!

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We will be heading to IKEA for a wardrobe. Fingers crossed all goes to plan and all I purchase is a wardrobe!

photo from pinterest


  1. If u only come home with a wardrobe u will have evolved to a higher species than the rest of us. Pop in a kids duvet, funky lampshade and tea light holders I don't need for me won't you!?;) mwah! X

  2. oh dont cross your fingerss to that! buy more! it's Ikea! i am sure you actually really need every piece you see. ;)

  3. ikea is very dangerous..!! can't wait to see what treasures u find. xxx


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