Monday, February 27, 2012

Small but charming..

I had multi coloured tulips in Casa Urbanstems when Jane reminded us all it is that time again
But these beauts were on deaths door and fading drastically as I snapped.

So I snipped some stems of pittosporium and rosemary from the bijou plot
 for a fresher alternative to the dying tulips!
Camera out and stems put in situ ...

And what do you know my
hubbi arrives home with three bunches of multi coloured tulips.
Stems received so gratefully and they have made me smile big. 
I wonder ......?!
Did he hear me mutter I had a date with the flower girls! 
Make way for Spring.
yes that is a cow!

photo sources my own Urbanstems


  1. Love your flowers and your husband.

    Your day just got better and better didn't it?

    Now I must go and see how my rosemary fares.

    Here's to spring!

    xo Jane

  2. Love the cow, the flowers and your husband! I actually loved the dying tulips too. Have a good week, love Linda x

  3. Isn't just the best pick me up ever when the flowers are fading and a whole new batch appear unrequested!? Fabulous.
    xoxox kat

  4. The multi-colors are so cheerful, and what a nice husband you have! Rosemary with the pitti??? looks great. I never think of using rosemary--will try to remember.

  5. How lovely to have a progression of flowers throughout your day. The cow and dolphin poster is terrific, too. I rather enjoy the slightly faded tulips in the tote as much as the fresh new ones. Clever presentation, that.


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